Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. NOT.

The single biggest reason you haven’t written a book, or don’t blog, or haven’t written a letter to a loved one, for that matter, is fear.

Yeah, I know; you’re busy. You can’t think of what to write. The dog ate your computer. As I used to say to my middle daughter, what-HEV-urrr.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re afraid of that’s keeping you from writing. Blurt that ridiculous thing that pops into your head.

Here’s the hard part: believe it.

Believe that, for some reason, your unconscious is trying to protect you from that silly fear you just blurted.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next step was “make a deal with your unconscious to get past this” ?

It is. If you wanna know how, give me a shout. (In the meantime you can read this post which introduces the idea.)

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