Back on the Rails

image by Dominic Morel double-fudge-loaded cheesecake derails your healthy eating habits.

Disturbed sleep derails your writing habit.

Surprises in your schedule derail family time.

Unexpected behavior from others derails your best intentions to be the best possible version of yourself.

Time goes into stealth mode and derails your blogging routine.

Some of those seem trivial. Others are major events. Each of us would rate each of them a little differently.

And each of us would spend some time trying to undo the miss; to fill in the gap in the past; to erase the place where the bridge was out.

You can’t.

Compartmentalizing your life is a powerful aid in creating contentment. Read Dale Carnegie’s other book, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. A very 30s title, but a very new-millennium book because the wisdom in it is timeless.

Learn from yesterday.

Plan for tomorrow.

Live in today.

5 thoughts on “Back on the Rails

  1. Great advice. Not only do we undertake the impossible task of trying to undo our poor choice, we waste even more time and do more harm by beating ourselves up about it instead of viewing it as a lesson leading to better choices.

    I haven’t read Dale Carnegie’s other book but I’m certainly going to get a copy.


  2. Good money after bad. Good point.

    When I’m in a used book store, I always check for his first two books. There’s usually one or the other for a dollar. Great gift because so many people haven’t read them

  3. Guilty as charged, your Honour!

    Last week I undertook the task of trying to undo my poor choice, then I wasted even more time and did more harm by beating myself up about it instead of viewing it as a lesson leading to better choices.

    I cancelled my self-publishing package, then wondered how I’m ever going to come up with the skills to publish the thing myself. Or if I should. Circled between “You are crazy, lady!” and “I think I did the right thing.” I’m on my feet again.

    After all, it’s not like having a tornado blow your life away.

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