Favorite Bits of Storytelling Advice, and Questioning Maslow

Art Holcomb posting at Larry Brooks’ StoryFix blog: Smart list of 20 things you may not have thought about when writing. I particularly like #5. How ’bout you?

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Steven Pressfield: Blowing Off Maslow Here’s my take: we often confuse our “wants” with Maslow’s “needs.” Where Maslow says “food” we want to read “eating out” or at least “eating well.” Where Maslow says “shelter” we see a 3-car garage, or at least, a home we own rather than rent.

Maslow was right. We just twist his research into excuses not to do the work of making art. But go read the article at Steve’s site and see what you think.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Bits of Storytelling Advice, and Questioning Maslow

  1. I agreed with Maria B., Joel. And that’s because my own personality tends to go like 1, 2, 10; rather than the “normal, expected, appropriate” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….etc. I cannot help this, it’s the way it is. And it appears to be the argument Ms. Bello makes also. I assume many are like this, but they have learned that — whatever — “Maslow is the smart scientist, so he Must be right.” Indeed, granted, it seems logical.

    Sorry, nothing else to say right now. Thanks for the post.

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