An Eclectic Texan Without Salamander Pie: Guest Post by Ron Luther

[l1]M[/l1]embers of meet geeks of all shapes from all over the world. One of them has a famous ability to turn any conversation into a chat about music within seconds. And it’s not even me.

Pretty easy to see why Ron Luther and I became friends.

I saw your other note a while back on guest writing about music … and I thought about it for a bit. My first inclination was to try to write something up about a hidden gem like Jay Leonhart’s “Salamander Pie” album. If you don’t have it – go order it on Amazon, now!

Then, naturally, I started to over think things.


Jay recorded that album on an audiophile label, DMP. So I started thinking about other DMP artists and remembered a band called Flim and the BBs, that I think many consider to be a pioneer in exploring the full potential of digital music. Flim and the boys are the poster children for ‘dynamic range’. Heh, I’ve startled the heck out of many an innocent bystander blasting the title cut off the “Tricycle” album. (Tricycle is one of the songs that you play at excessive volume levels in lieu of explaining to people exactly why you paid so much for your ‘killer’ stereo. If they don’t understand it then, they never will!)


A moment inside Ron’s head: Holy mackerel! I went looking for Tricycle to give it a quick play and make sure it was the song I thought it was … and I discovered that I seem to have accumulated 6 Flim & the BBs albums! Wow! When did that happen? I didn’t know I was such a jazz head!

Then, (and I really don’t understand the linkage at work here either), I started to think about undervalued ‘bodies of work’ … like the early Roxy Music albums, or the first three Blue Oyster Cult albums from their early ‘black and white’ album cover phase.

But I think I will go with my first instinct and try to write something up on Jay’s album. [Feel free to edit me … I tend to run on too much!]

Two quick things before I sayonara on outta here:


  1. I actually made a New Year’s resolution this year to listen to more music that is new to me (I’m doing pretty good on this part), buy more music this year (I’m over achieving on this one, I need to temper myself), take more time to play music this year (eek – not much progress there yet), and actually try to write something this year (zero progress– but I DO get this mildly terrifying ‘tingly’ feeling when I remember that I was going to try this).
  2. [az]B00009XFQR[/az]

  3. I’ve started ‘raiding’ resale shops. I recently bought five CDs @ $2 a pop in a single trip to one resale shop. For my tenner, I got:
    • A folk CD – A live evening with Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Ricky Scaggs. Three legends for $2?? Really?
    • A country CD – Blackhawk’s 2nd album. Not so great. I may sell this one back if none of the grandkids want it.
    • A classic rock CD – rarities and radio appearances from Jethro Tull.
    • An “Alt rock” CD – Chris Izaak. “Forever Blue”. Very nice. An excellent album! The kid is interesting.
    • And a Brazilian thrash metal CD from Sepultura! I really like it but it is waaay too tempting to leave it playing during my calls with IT.

I is one eclectic mess! “… and loving it!” 😉

Hiding in a cubicle in a secret HP bunker in Houston, Texas, Ron does something with computers, and databases, and confusing words. Even I don’t understand half the stuff he says about his work. And it’s not the accent, neither.

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