After the Storm There’s No Time to Relax

To stretch that anchor/storm metaphor:

After the storm has passed the crew can’t take a break. First order is damage assessment and vital repairs.

Once the fires are put out, literally or metaphorically, the ship still needs sailing. A myriad little things need tidying up.

If the crew takes it easy after the storm they condemn their ship.

They may lose the only opportunity before the next storm. More often, though, they’ll simply lose ground, lose time, and a few days along have to work even harder to recapture both — if they can.

We started this morning the way we always do: strong Irish tea and spiritual conversation. We’ve both worked more or less like we always do on Fridays. It’s our light day, fiddling with bits and bobs, chatting with a client, organizing for next week.

Other than being 1500 miles and 90 degrees (that’s temperature, not direction) from where we were a week ago, it’s business as usual today.

And, most likely, tomorrow, and the days after. Because that’s what habits do for you that a literal anchor can’t: even if you cut it loose, you can pick it up at the first opportunity, and more than likely you’ll be all right.

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