A Tale of Two Buckleys

[l1]O[/l1]nce in a while, I find amazing huge gaps in my musical knowledge. I realize no one can know it all. Nevertheless, it’s always a surprise to me when I hear, for the first time, a musician who’s been around for years.

Listening to the best radio station on earth, San Diego’s KPRI (I live in Sacramento, but now you can listen online!) I heard a song that sounded faintly familiar, but struck me more powerfully at this point in my life. KPRI’s playlist page informed that “Last Goodbye” was by someone named Jeff Buckley. Struck no chords with me, so I went digging.

Digging at JeffBuckley.com revealed that, after the beginnings of what looked like an enormously promising career, Buckley drowned in 1997 at the age of 30. Further digging led to TimBuckley.com and the surprise that Buckley’s father, who died in 1975 at the age of 28, was considered one of the most innovative musicians of the 60s.

I’ve never heard anything of Tim Buckley’s. “Last Goodbye” is the only Jeff Buckley song I’ve heard.

More research is indicated.

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