5 thoughts on “A Really Important Message About Your Writing

  1. My pestiferous unconscious ALWAYS edits while I’m writing! It’s the scourge of being a writer and an editor—a two-headed monster if there is one (or two). I am better at it than I used to be—I won’t go back and clean every comma (with a comma brush) or make sure it’s a semicolon and not a colon in or out of place.

    But I still struggle with not going back and recasting sentences, when I should be letting the flow go. Working on it.

  2. I keep reminding myself that nobody is going to see what I write until after I clean it up. It’s like the cooking mess in the kitchen (and occasionally other rooms) before guests arrive: I’d never cook if I had to keep everything clean as I went.

    So, I trash the place, then tidy up before anyone else sees it.

    But with writing, it’s not easy. One of the biggest challenges I hear about, and yeah, me too.

  3. Well, Joel, you did it again. I tend to edit as I write. Drives me nuts. I have tried to write uninterrupted, but it’s so difficult! As I’m writing this comment, I want to stop and edit. Well, I just finished, went back and edited the contents, and voila, It worked! Thanks. Now I need to train my brain. Blessings.

  4. Believe me, I know how hard it is.

    I’m looking in the back of my brain for some exercises. Or I’ll look in Rosanne Bane’s brain for some exercises, ’cause this is her bailiwick.

  5. Hey, Joel–only watched a minute or two of this; the point was as clear as day within seconds.

    Very cute, clever, well-done, and typical**. Thanks!

    That is, typical of writers to edit while writing, not “Joel’s typical weird stuff on his blog…”

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