a poem about being sick all week

Joel D Canfieldno art
no work
no time
no sleep
no how

my eyes
my throat
my head
oh my

eye scratch
i feel
ai ai


and yet it all wells up inside and won’t be contained or constrained I can’t refrain despite the pain because my brain

will not rest


see you next week with some exciting news about books and whatnot (and as always, newsies get it first)

2 thoughts on “a poem about being sick all week

  1. Feel your pain, Joel. I’ve been coughing up my lungs all week. Get better fast. Looking forward to the new book. When exactly will we see it?

  2. We’re SO much better now, thank you.

    A Still, Small Voice (aka Phil Brennan #2) will be written within a month, and for sale by end of January (that’s the plan, at least.)

    And then I dive head first into my first scifi adventure Jake Calcutta and the Temporal Lisle.

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