9 Ways Your Fans Can Support You

My wife Sue provides social media marketing services for authors. I am, of course, her most important client. I’ve asked her to share some of her checklists and tools with you. We’d both love to hear if this type of information is helpful.—Joel

Sue L Canfield
When your fans share your writing with others it carries more social proof than your own marketing efforts because it comes from a third party. Make it easy for them. Real fans are glad to help.

Do you have all the following in place so your fans are connected with you and sharing your posts with their friends?

  1. Connect with your fans on the following social media platforms.
  2. Ask your fans to share your social media posts by doing the following.
    • Retweet something you shared on Twitter.
    • Share a post from your Facebook Author page on their own Facebook timeline.
    • Repin something from one of your Pinterest boards.
    • Share one of your status updates on LinkedIn.
    • Comment on one of your Instagram posts.
    • On Goodreads, recommend one of your books to your friends.
  3. Ask fans to sign up for your newsletter.
  4. Ask fans to share the link to sign up for your newsletter.
  5. Ask fans to subscribe to your blog and to comment at the blog. Write a blog post about how they can support you. (See Joel’s at his author website)
  6. Directly ask them to buy your books.
  7. Encourage fans to buy a copy of one of your books for a friend who they think will enjoy it.
  8. Ask fans to review your books on Amazon.
  9. Let fans know you’d love to hear from them and to send you an email.

Let your fans know that supportive things like reviews at Amazon, comments at the blog, enthusiastic shares on social media and even personal emails help make you enthusiastic about continuing to write.

Author Bio:
Sue L Canfield has been working with social media since 2005. She blogs regularly about how to use social media and consults on best social media practices at Chief Virtual Officer. She specializes in helping authors create and maintain their online presence. She currently manages a team of four social media account managers and over a dozen social media clients.

7 thoughts on “9 Ways Your Fans Can Support You

  1. Thanks, Joel and Sue — this is Super valuable information, and Sue, I’ve copied your blog to my desktop to see how I might be able to learn more about — simply — how it all works in terms of the way folks communicate on it.

    Love you guys.

  2. And now that I created a heartfelt vulnerable question…the universe changed it to…my work address…
    Looks like the answer to my depressing question about NOT getting fan interaction is to go back to my day job and shut up? *looks up at the universe and walks away from the keyboard muttering*

  3. After I so craftily set up and dutifully maintain my social media…and frequent hashtags that readers of the competition use…and only gain 13 FB fans in an entire year…and get less than the industry trend for opens on my newsletters in a scant following of 60 people (Many of which are family and not organic fans)…how do I manage to get past #1 on your list? It’s been 3yrs and I can’t make this my career so I don’t generate multiple titles yearly and at this rate I should just admit it’s a wasteful hobby keeping me off the streets and give up on anything other than more shouting into the void…sigh…

  4. Sue will have some tactical suggestions. I’ll share some philosophy.

    The phrase “admit it’s a wasteful hobby” doesn’t sound to me like how you really feel about your work. If it is, then by all means, stop.

    If that’s frustration speaking and you don’t really feel that way, let’s talk about why you’re a writer AND what you want from and for your fans.

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