6 Tools to Get You Writing (Instead of Whimpering in the Fetal Position on the Closet Floor)

image http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1427838 by Damian Siwiaszczyk http://www.sxc.hu/profile/huxHere are six tools my clients and friends have found effective in combating writer’s block, fear, Resistance, the lizard brain; whatever you like to call it.

  1. Environment—Make the place you create your art a place you enjoy being.
  2. Schedule—Habit and ritual give you power when courting the Muse.
  3. Timer—You can do anything for 5 minutes.
  4. Pre-Writing—Starting comes before finishing.
  5. SMART Goals—You know what they are, but you don’t use them in your writing—yet.
  6. Finding Why—Knowing your true motivation for writing and keeping it top of mind is like having motivation on tap.

Let’s discuss each of these in detail, eh?

10 thoughts on “6 Tools to Get You Writing (Instead of Whimpering in the Fetal Position on the Closet Floor)

  1. Hi Joel,

    After 12 years in LA, a non-winter environment, living back in Tokyo has reminded me how much I really like 4 seasons. Amongst all the reminders this recent move has brought up, one of them is the nagging thought that I’d like to write a book to support my interest and now re-conceptualized interest in Public Speaking. I refuse to remember how many book ideas I’ve had, and didn’t actualize. But…finally,

    I’ve got it. And I’ve only just begun working on it. And because I’ve gone through this evolutionary process, further this time than ever before, I have a suggestion. I really believe the #6 in your list should be #1 because,

    Without a reason the rest don’t matter. I have had an idea, a concept. I’ve created a cool catchy title. I have had pen-n-paper, keyboards, software, and a quiet space to create in. I’ve written myself notes & made diagrams. All to no avail. And so what’s different for me this time is #6, because all the rest can only help after #6 is certain.

    I have no idea what the final shape or form the book will take. I’m @ the beginning of my research and figure the results will guide me. Feels real this time and that’s different.

  2. Tom, that’s absolutely the most important point. I put it where it is because I planned to use it to tie them all together.

    I’d love to keep in touch about your book. I’ve always enjoyed our chats, and it’s nice of you to share your thoughts here. We think a lot alike.

  3. Great tips on getting and finding time to write. I would like to use the in a workshop I’m creating “Finding the Time and Commitment to Write.” Do I have your permission? Your copyright will still be your copyright.

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