300 by 10?

[l1]M[/l1]arch 12, 2012 will be this blog’s 10th anniversary. I built it by hand way back then; better tools these days.

I had hoped to write post #300 for the 10th anniversary. Should have been easy; when I first thought of it I had 14 months (=64 weeks) to write the 57 posts it’d take to get there.

Then, I spent almost a year doing nothing here at all.

Now it’s less than 90 days out. Can I write 57 posts in 90 days? Only if I streamline, stop fussing so much about perfecting the details, and just share my intense fire for music.

Counting down. It’s on.

4 thoughts on “300 by 10?

  1. How about a post on the new inductees in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the bands that made the cut…and the ones that didn’t quite get there.

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