Palindromes fascinate me, even palindromic dates.

Here’s a video about what made yesterday (missed it by that much!) not only unusual, but unique in the Gregorian dating system.

Music! Laughs! Bad Hair!

And, more fun perhaps, here’s Weird Al’s take on one of the best music videos ever created, Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues. You’ll see why it’s in today’s post.



Here’s some 02022020 art I made.

3 thoughts on “02022020

  1. Hi, Joel. didn’t you have fun with this year’s numbers. I especially like the last one you displayed, sort of art nuevo. I’d love a copy of that. there’s probably some tech method for doing it that’s beyond my knowledge..

  2. Why don’t I email you copies of all three? (Because I did one more last night.)

    Thank you!

  3. i SAW YOUR ART WORK BEFOR THIS MESSAGE . sorry. not yelling at you . just tired after a whole evening editing one of my short stories. Yesterday I discovered it probably was he last one and the time i shared with Fred. This is he month he passed away last year..

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